Does your list of New Year’s resolutions

Does your list of New Year’s resolutions

6 reasons to contact a REALTOR® in 2016

Does your list of New Year’s resolutions include real estate-related goals? One way to ensure you achieve them is to work with a professional. So, if one of these situations arises, be sure to reach out to a Texas REALTOR®. Kim Johnson is a Longview REALTOR, working for clients not only in Longview but the surrounding areas.

You think you’re ready to buy a home. A Texas REALTOR® can walk you through the process and ensure you get answers to your first-time-homebuyer questions.

You’re considering selling your home. He or she can help you determine how much your home is worth and what you can do to best prepare your home to attract buyers.

You want to buy a second home or investment property. Whether you’re planning to be a landlord or you’d rather hire a property manager, a Texas REALTOR® can explain the best practices and requirements in your market.

You’re new to the neighborhood. If you have questions about the community or want recommendations for local businesses, contact your Texas REALTOR®.

You’d like to protest your property-tax appraisal. If you think your appraisal was off-base, your Texas REALTOR® can help you collect evidence that supports your claim.

You have a home improvement to-do list. He or she can help you determine which upgrades will generate the biggest return when you’re ready to sell. Plus, your Texas REALTOR® is tapped into a network of service providers, including contractors, landscapers, and repairmen, that you may want to consult. Courtesy of

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Author: Kim Martin Last updated: 24 January,2016